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Other Projects:

Painting Project: Six Sides to Every Story: HAL-9000
Jewelry Project: "I'm a Troughton-Baker Girl" - Doctor Who Pendant
Painting Project: Six Sides to Every Story: Parisian Clock Face
Paper Crafts: Lupercalia Cards
Painting Project: Six Sides to Every Story: Rubik's Cube
Jewelry Craft: Scissors and Secret Compartment Necklace
Jewelry Project: Tyr (the Amputee)'s Pocket Watch
Painting Project: "Keep Calm and Shoot the Wall:" BBC Sherlock's Wallpaper
Jewelry Project: Marvel Heroes (and Villains) Pendants
Jewelry Craft: Doctor Who Fob Watch with Hand-painted Baqua
Knitting Project: Star Trek Command Colors Keyhole Scarf
Sewing Project: Texas Longhorns Gift Card Sleeve
Sewing/Paper Craft Project: Shakespeare and Company Paper Bag E-Reader Cover
Cross-Stitch Project: Infectious Disease Outbreak Equation Cross Stitch
Jewelry/Handy Craft Project: Parachute Cord Bracelet Bracelet
Jewelry Project: Otter Charm Tiger Eye and Quartz Bracelet
Costume Project: Zombie Librarian Costume
Sewing Project: He's ready for his close-up
Toy Project: Teddy Bear Chain Mail Leather Harness
Sewing Project: Dollmania Part 3: Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy Dolls (ala Pride and Prejudice and Zombies)
Jewelry Project: Locket "Macabre"
Sewing Project: Dollmania Part 2: Sirius Black and Severus Snape Dolls
Sewing Project: Dollmania Part 1 - Jeeves and Wooster Dolls
Jewelry Project: Metal and Glass Gay Pride Necklace
Knitting Project: Sherlock Holmes Pipe and Hypodermic Bag
Jewelry Project: Red Cinnabar and Crystal Quartz Mala
Knitting Project: Bandit Shrug: Prison Stripe Scarf with Sleeves
Painting Project: Norse Runes Eco-Friendly Coffee Cup
Jewelry Project: HAL-9000 Pendant
Painting Project: Creepy Kids figurines
Jewelry Project: Evil Eye Bracelet with Harlequin Pendant
Knitting Project: Chicago Flag Wristband
Jewelry Project: Bloodstone and Smoky Quartz Wrist Mala
Knitting Project: Sirius Black Scarf
Jewelry Project: Sherlock Holmes Collar


Zoe Heriott: supermodel (Doctor Who)
macho slut in librarian drag
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